Time of the Sun is a newsletter dedicated to providing ideas, resources and conversation for creative polymaths.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been a jack of all trades. A master of none. An experimenter. And then pulling from all these experiences to try the next thing.

Every week, I will share a personal journal entry, areas of thought to consider, a quote to ponder, something to try and link(s) to explore. And sometimes, I will share more.

It is for you. And for me.


Andres O’Beirne Serrano

Andres O’Beirne Serrano is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and artist living in Los Angeles, CA.

For the past few years, I’ve been writing in daily journals I carry with me everywhere I go. These journals are filled with ideas, projects, notes, streams of thought, memories, insights and more. This writing practice has supported immense internal growth within me and is the reason I started Time of the Sun.

My current projects include:

  • Co-Founder & Executive Producer ALTO Visuals — a creative production studio that produces commercials, branded content and documentary work.

  • Founder at — coming soon. WIP.

  • Founder & Writer at Time of the Sun — a weekly newsletter dedicated dedicated to providing ideas, resources and conversation for polymaths.

Born to immigrant parents, I was raised by a global family which developed a deep curiosity for the world and continuous learning in many areas early on. Having visited 30+ countries in my lifetime, the profound knowledge and perspective revealed through these experiences is where I draw inspiration from in everything I do.

Throughout the journey, I’ve worn many hats strengthening a vast skillset across creative direction, leadership, production, brand strategy, startups, team building and project management.

When I’m not making films or working on his projects, you can find me by the water or in the mountains.



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Dedicated to providing ideas, resources and conversation for creative polymaths. Weekly (or so).


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